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Interview with B. Sivaramappa Vice-Chairman, PSS Academy

The course was awsome!
It took me from Body to the Soul! - Prasad
  PSSA Course is a good course which gives
understanding about spirituality - Srinidhi
  I got lots and lots of knowledge about life
- Suchitha
I could understand myself better
and purpose of my life - BNS Murthy
  PSSA Course has provided
a beautiful experience - Deepak
  PSSA Class is very Enlightening 
We are all Gods. I came to know this by attending
PSSA Course - Tulsabai
  I came to know that Life is a Gift - Subramanya   I learnt about Meditation, Soul, Food
and many things in PSSA Class - Kavitha
I can lead a happy life by
doing Meditation - Shashidhar
  I learnt many things about Meditation
in the PSSA Course
  I came to know the solution for all
problems are there within - Subramanya 
I learnt to stay energitically all the day
by attending this Course - Pradeep
  I gained lot of Spiritual Knowledge by
attending the PSSA Course - Nitya
  I gained huge Spiritual Knowledge
in this Certificate Course - Chawan 
I came to know that there are many things
to learn in life by attending PSSA Course - Lalitha
  PSSA Residential Certificate Course was
very useful - Girijamma
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