Mr.B.Sivaramappa, B.Com, M.Sc [Yoga]

Vice Chairman & Managing Director,

Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy, Bengaluru [R]


Mr.B.Sivaramappa, a new age spiritual master, is a Master in Yogic Sciences pursuing Ph.D in meditation science. He is an awardee of the title ‘Dhyana Rathna’ for his outstanding work in the field of Meditation.  He is a former Chief Accounts Officer,BSNL, Bengaluru. He is currently Vice Chairman, holding Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy, Bengaluru, India, a special wing of the mighty Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India, founded by Brahmarshi Patriji to spread Meditation and Spiritual Science.

He is in the field of Spiritual Science for the last 15 years. He designed meditation courses for the benefit of public and conducts regular certificate courses for 3days, and advances level classes for 2 days every month as residential courses at Pyramid Valley International campus, on the Kanakapura Road as well as the City Office at Koramangala, Bengaluru. He also holds classes for Corporate Houses. He also conducts Spiritual Science Teachers Training Courses in order to make many people as Spiritual Science Teachers. He has to his credit thousands of classes/discourses in and around India and overseas also viz., Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Cairo, Alexandria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Hoch Minh City Vietnam etc. Thousands of people got benefit from his talks and are leading sorrow-free living. His mission is to make everyone happy and healthy.

He has compiled Spiritual Science Text Books for schools and colleges separately from Standard VI to XII and degree classes for the benefit of the student community. His aim is to spiritualise the student community through teaching community in schools and colleges, to fulfill the dream of Swami Vivekananda, a great philosopher of our land. He designed the books to contain spiritual, ethical, moral and human values so that they can be taught under ‘Moral Science or Value Education” periods now taught in schools. Already around 150 schools have adopted theses books for regular teaching. This academy’s work in this regard has been recognized and awarded by Confederation of Education Excellence, [ECON] New Delhi for contribution to Value Education.  This academy is a ISO 9001-2008 certified one.

He strongly advocates inducting spiritual science into the society to arrest the present state of unruly social conduct disrupting peace and harmony in the society. The current pace of violence and unrest can only be checked by revival and induction of spiritual science, the ancient wisdom of our own land in its own place back into the society. The academy is trying hard in this direction to bring in right living with non-violence and harmonious co-existence in the society.


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